Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Ugly Side of Shampoos

Typical store bought Shampoos are filled with harsh detergents, chemicals, and can actually harm your hair, but you already knew that....... What you may not know is that in lab test they have liked some cancers to some of the chemicals found in todays OTC Shampoos most commonly found in all of our bathrooms!

Here are some links to what they have found, in what they found it, and what kind of harm these chemicals can and are doing to us:

This article is short and really hit a cord with me, knowing that these chemicals are being used on the most precious and inocent of us all, OUR KIDS!

SavvySkin offers information on ingredients to avoid in your Shampoo.... They offer a good comprehensive list of ingredients to stay clear from, and how you should care for your hair.

Please take a little time and check out these articles. They do contain valuable information about Shampoos, how they affect us, and what to look out for on your next trip to the store!

In an already chemical laden world, why would you want these cancer causing carcinogens on your body, or better yet, in your home?

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