Monday, September 27, 2010

Quilt Collection

I put this collection together from the amazing Artfire Artists!

An Artfire Collection

One of my fun collections that I created on Artfire! There is plenty more from where this came from, CHECK IT OUT!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

WE'RE ALMOST THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 2 more sales and I will be doing the drawing for the 'FOR YOUR EYE'S ONLY' Starter kit!

1 ~ Eyeliner - Color of your choice: BLACK, TAUPE or BURNT UMBER
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3 ~ Skin Minerals Eyeshadows - Your choice of color

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Friday, September 17, 2010

15% OFF the 150th SALE!

Yep you read that right!

Skin Body Works is approaching our 150 sales milestone! I am SO proud to see the birth of my heart and soul develop into such a wonderful, fun and inspriational business.

Even though it's taken a LOT of hard work wo get to this point, I did not do this alone. It took all of you, my customers and friends to take a chance and try my products. The bottom line is, without you and your support I wouldn't be where I am today, nor would skin Body Works LLC.

It is because of my appreciation to you, I am offering my 150th Sale at 15% off of your purchase!

I will fully refund the 150th sale the 15% to their order. Purchases must be made at: This offer is valid until 150th sale is made.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Handmade Shampoos

For those of you who find yourselves in unfamiliar territories when it comes to the mountain of shampoos in todays stores. You walk in and find yourself hessitant to go down the isle filled with hair care products and shampoos. WHICH ONE IS BEST? Which shampoo is going to make my hair look it's best? Can I use this brand on my colored or permed hair?

Have you ever asked yourself, what kind of chemicals and toxins are in my shampoo????? Probably not! The average person does not think about their hair care products containing harmful and toxic chemicals, in fact most consumers don't even read the label. I mean how can you, it's in some technical terms that NO ONE is meant to decifer.

The average shampoo is filled with approximatley 85% fillers and chemicals that are toxic to you, the children you HAVE NOT HAD YET, and are known to build within your bodies cellular system. These toxci chemicals have the ability to bind with your cells and DNA (your genetic make up) mutate! WHY?
This is simple it's because the average person is used to the feel and look of heavy detergents in their hair. The Shampoo companies gave the public exactly what you wanted, you wanted shiney hair, that is managable and not tangled, well these are the products you got.

Handmade Shampoos, offer a different approach to clean hair. When you use a truly handmade shampoo you are simply using pure soap!
What is the definition of SOAP?
Soap, is a salt of a fatty acid.[1] Soap is mainly used for washing and cleaning, but soaps are also important components of lubricants.

Soaps for cleansing are obtained by treating vegetable or animal oils and fats with a strongly alkaline solution. The alkaline solution, often lye, promotes what is known as saponification. In saponification, fats are broken down (hydrolyzed) yielding crude soap, i.e. impure salts of fatty acids and glycerol.

When used for cleaning, soap serves as a surfactant in conjunction with water. The cleaning action of this mixture is attributed to the action of micelles, tiny spheres coated on the outside with polar carboxylate groups, encasing a hydrophobic (lipophilic) pocket that can surround the grease particles, allowing them to dissolve in water. The hydrophobic portion is made up of the long hydrocarbon chain from the fatty acid. In other words, whereas normally oil and water do not mix, the addition of soap allows oils to dissolve in water, allowing them to be rinsed away. Synthetic detergents operate by similar mechanisms to soap.

Bottom line is, soap is used to remove excess grease/oil, detergents do the same thing however there is a night and day difference between a detergent and a true REAL SOAP.
Detergents tend to dry the skin.

Handmade Shampoos take a little time for you to get used too, first off because they only take the excess oils, dirt and build up off of your hair shaft, you may notice a nearly 'over oily' feel to your hair the first month of use, this can be simply combated by using an APPLE CIDER VINEGAR rinse on your hiar once a week. What's going on is your hair is producing more and more oils to compensate for the overly excessive oil cutting in detergent shampoos (99% of OTC shampoos). So we need to retrain your hair to only produce the oils it needs to protect the hair shaft and folical, this is done by making a simple rinse of pure Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4 cup to 1 Gallon of tepid (body temp - slightly cooler) water, then rinse your hair with the apple cider vinegar and water making sure to saturate the hair and scalp. Your hair is NOT going to smell like vinegar when it dries and there is no need to rinse your hair after applying the rinse. This is a simple and easy solution to those making the switch to natural shampoos, it's natural and you will notice your hair becoming more vibrant, while your going to notice less and less oiliness to your hair.

Handmade shampoos offer you highly effective cleansing of your hair without harming your hair in any way. your hair is going to be full and you can add certin herbs to the warter when you warm it for the rinse, like chamomile, rosemary (stimulating and excellant for those with thinning hair), nettles, horsechesnut.... green tea, the combinations are endless, and some herbs also help to brighten and highlight your hair naturall, like Chamomile for blonde's and for highlights.

Friday, September 3, 2010

RED ~ From Vibrant to Classy ~


The saga for the perfect Red Lipstick is an ongoing battle, ask any woman. Here are a few of my choice colors of the luscious color, RED! (left to right: Moulan Rouge Red, Breatty Red, Burlesque Red) From bright and vibrant to classy and classical, RED is here to stay!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NEW Skin Minerals Eye Shadow Sets

Here are the first 4 New Color Palette Eyeshadow Set's:

STARRY NIGHT ~  Starry Night color Palette includes 4 of my HOTTEST shades of blue which include: MIDNIGHT MATTE - TWILIGHT - TRUE BLUE MATTE - DENIM BLUE SHIMMER
Each color is in it's own 4 Gram Sifter Jar.
1 each of the above colors!

POISON IVY ~ Is a beautiful color palette for those with brown, hazel, or green eyes! This Color Palette includes: HYPNOTIC - SEA FOAM - MOSS GREEN - CELEDON

SUGAR N' SPICE ~ This combination combines warm hues of neutrals, nudes and warm brown colors that will beautifully accent ANY eye color. This Set includes: JAVA - CHOCOLATE MOUSSE - RUM RAISIN - NUDE SHIMMER

FLIRT ~ Is a combination of fun and playful colors. This Set includes:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

SIGN UP ~ Gift Certificate GIVEAWAY!

Good evening everyone, It's been a long time since I have posted anything, I've been busy working hard at building my shop up lately.

I want to introduce something I am starting! I am SO excited to introduce to you my VERY FIRST GIFT CERTIFICATE GIVEAWAY!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Review: 'A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients' by Ruth Winter, M.S.

BOOK REVIEW PURPOSE: To give consumer the much needed information about the products they are using on their skin. (informative, educational)

                                                                      Ruth Winters, M.S.

First off I will say this book was put together very well, the ease of use is mystifying to me, and the information is astounding..... Now that I have said that, you must first off realize that this is my field of interest, so this may not be your take on a book like this. Now with that said, if you are in the least bit interested in the ingredients you cannot pronounce, much yet spell, or say for that matter, then this book is something you might want to pick up. NO, it's not going to explain to you how to read those sentence long words that are so common on cosmetic labels. What this book will however do for you is, allow you to become a more conscous consumer.

Listen, I know for myself that I am my own line of defense when it comes to wanting to use less harmful chemicals on my body, my childrens bodies, and my families bodies. I literally carry this book in my purse when I go out to the store, because I like to naturally gravitate towards the make-up section. I am a label reader, this in itself does make me more aware of what I am putting into or on my body, but lets face it those mile long words and abbreviations, well, no wonder nobody knows what to use and what not too, YOU CAN'T READ THE LABELS! That is why I carry this book around with me, yeah it's kind of bulky (but I got a big purse! hahahhahahaha). When something catches my eye on the self in the cosmetic aisle, I turn it over and begin to read the ingredients (When ingredients are listed on labeling they are suppose to list ingredients in order from most to least), when I come across one I can't read, or they are letters and numbers that I don't recognize, I simply open up this book (it's in alphabetical order, even abbreviations) and I can find out what it is, why it's used, chemical make up of the ingredient, and side affects of that ingredient.
I can also find out if it's natural or a chemical!

Everything in this book is in alphabetical order, is easy to find what your looking for, the information within some of the common products we each buy daily are astoundingly harsh on our skin. This book is meant to be used to inform, and that it did!

My eyes are now open!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Lurks in YOUR Shower Gel?

I got this article off of:

According to the U.S Poison Control Centers, “A child is accidentally poisoned every 30 seconds and more than 50% of all poisonings occur at home with children under 5 years of age.” But of course, you keep your cleaning supplies out of reach, and only use baby products on your young children, and so your family is safe, right? But what’s really in all those products, and what about the chemical residues that are left in your carpet, on your child’s pajamas, in the very air your family breathes every day?

Because young children are smaller than adults, they are exposed to more contaminants per pound of body weight.

Their little bodies and immune systems are not yet fully developed, and they are at a greater risk from the cumulative effect of chemicals that are found everywhere, from air freshener to laundry detergent.

I’ve listed below some commonly found ingredients and why you never want them in your home again. Note how many seemingly benign products, like deodorant and shower gel, contain these harmful ingredients. And remember, even though they may be in small amounts, you are putting these on your skin, in your hair, in your clothes and in your air every day, year after year after year.


Ammonia is fatal if swallowed. 80% of all manufactured ammonia is used as fertilizer. It is also used to manufacture synthetic fibers, plastics, and explosives, and it is added to many cleaning products, detergents, window cleaners, stain removers, bleaches, dyes, and floor waxes. Swallowing even small amounts of liquid ammonia in your household cleaner might cause severe burns in your mouth and throat. If you get it in your eyes it can lead to blindness. Ammonia is a corrosive substance that can burn skin, eyes, respiratory tract, mouth, and your digestive tract.


Ammonium hydroxide is a colorless liquid chemical solution that forms when ammonia dissolves in water. It can also release ammonia gas into the air.

It can be found in many industrial products and cleaners such as flooring strippers, brick cleaners, and cements. This chemical can cause breathing difficulty, coughing, severe pain or burning in the nose, eyes, ears, lips, or tongue, esophagus, stomach, or throat, vision loss, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, severe change in pH (too much or too little acid in the blood, which leads to damage in all of the body organs), holes in skin tissue, and other symptoms.


This carcinogenic chemical can be absorbed through skin, and irritates mucous membranes. It is poisonous when ingested, and inhalation of the fumes may be toxic. It is cited by the EPA and OSHA as a threat to public health. This chemical is found in oven cleaners, detergents, furniture polishes, spot removers, and nail-polish removers.

Diseases associated with benzene include Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), Myelofibrosis and Myeloid Metaplasia, Aplastic Anemia, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), Hairy Cell Leukemia, Multiple Myeloma, Thrombocytopenic Purpura, Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML), Hematologic Cancers.


This widely used chemical is a suspected carcinogen and certainly a strong irritant, and it is responsible for many poisonings every year. The 1990 Clean Air Act lists it as a hazardous air pollutant… yet you breathe it in every time you use it in your laundry products or tub and tile cleaners. And air-borne residues remain in your toilet paper, paper napkins and paper towels.

Household bleach, used to whiten fabrics or remove mold from surfaces, is a 5% solution of a stabilized form of chlorine.

It is a strong corrosive that will irritate or burn the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. It may cause pulmonary edema or vomiting and coma if ingested. Never mix bleach with toilet bowl cleaners or ammonia. The fumes could be DEADLY!


Formaldehyde is highly toxic and a known carcinogen. It is used in the manufacture of glues, and is also a preservative in deodorizers, disinfectants, cosmetics, vaccines and is used for embalming bodies. Formaldehyde is used in shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, liquid hand soap, and bubble bath.

Products for children such as bubble bath and baby shampoo even have formaldehyde in them! Some health effects from exposure to formaldehyde include eye, nose, and throat irritation… wheezing and coughing… fatigue, skin rash, and severe allergic reactions. Formaldehyde is also used in permanent-press sheets, mattresses, foams, plastics, and building materials.


Glycol ether can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat. It can also be hazardous to the reproductive system.

This chemical can damage the kidneys, liver, and central nervous system. It is quickly absorbed through the skin and is found in some household cleaning products, paints, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Also known as butyl cellosolve (2-butoxy-1-ethanol, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, butoxyethanol, and butyl oxitol).


Hydrochloric acid is a corrosive and eye and skin irritant. It can dissolve and destroy tender tissues upon direct contact. Eyes, nose, and throat are easily irritated by vapors.

Contact can cause burning, permanent scarring, and even blindness. This chemical is found in aluminum cleaners and rust removers.


Kerosene (mineral spirits) is an eye and skin irritant, and can damage lung tissues. It is neurotoxic. Kerosene may contain the carcinogen benzene. It is found in all-purpose cleaners, furniture polishes, and waxes.


Sodium hydroxide (also known as lye, caustic soda, and soda lye) is an eye, skin and respiratory irritant. It can burn eyes, skin and internal organs.

Lye can cause lung damage, blindness and be fatal if swallowed. It is found in household cleaners, oven cleaners, tub and tile cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and drain openers.


Morpholine is extremely toxic. It is irritating to the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes, and may cause liver and kidney damage. It reacts with nitrites to form carcinogenic nitrosamines. It can also aggravate pulmonary/bronchial disease or cause breathing difficulty, burn the skin, cause blindness, cause abdominal pain , diarrhea , nausea , and vomiting.

This chemical is found in all-purpose cleaners, furniture polishes, and car waxes.


Napthalene is irritating to the eyes and skin, and can cause cataracts, corneal damage, and kidney damage. It is a suspected carcinogen. This chemical is extremely toxic to small children and infants, and can cause blood damage to, soap supplies, fetuses. This chemical is found in mothballs, air fresheners, deodorizers, carpet cleaners, and toilet-bowl cleaners.


Organic solvents (carbon disulfide, n-hexane, metyl n-butyl ketone, toluene trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene) are neurotoxins and central-nervous-system depressants.

They are recognized as carcinogens. These chemicals are found in all-purpose cleaners, degreasers, metal polishes, varnish and lacquer removers, dry-cleaning solutions, paints and coatings, and adhesives.

Drinking water contaminated with perchloroethylene has leukemia and birth-defect implications. Long-term overexposure may effect the nervous system. This chemical is found in spot removers, degreasers, and dry-cleaning fluids.


Petroleum products (benzene, toluene xylene, benzene, napthalene, and Stoddard solvent) are powerful eye, skin, and respiratory irritants, and are either known or suspected carcinogens.

Neurotoxic effects can lead to organic brain damage.

You are exposed to them in many common products including heavy-duty cleaners, stain removers, furniture polish, car wax, lice shampoo, home and garden pesticides, and flea-control products, furniture polish, and laundry products. Don’t assume these products are safe just because they are not banned (yet).


Phenol (alkyl phenoxy polyethoxy ethanol and nonyl phenoxy ethoxylate) is very toxic and is a suspected carcinogen. It can cause swelling, pimples, and hives.

If swallowed, it can cause circulatory collapse, convulsions, cold sweats, coma, and death. This chemical is found in all-purpose cleaners, air fresheners, disinfectants, furniture polish, and laundry detergents.


This corrosive chemical is damaging to eyes and skin, and to internal tissues if swallowed. It can cause asthma attacks. Found in toilet-bowl cleaners and deodorizers


Also known as ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic or diammonium, this chemical is found in laundry detergent and is a skin irritant.

It also irritates mucous membranes, leading to allergies, asthma, and skin rashes. This chemical does not biodegrade. It binds with heavy metals in our lakes and streams, affecting our water supply.

Now that you are armed with some information, read the labels before you buy! Look for labels that say the product is phosphate-free (phosphates cause excessive growth in aquatic plants, leading to suffocation of fish and other aquatic life). Phosphates are found in laundry detergents, dishwasher detergents, and all-purpose cleaners.

Look for products that specifically state “no phosphates”, “no solvents”, “petroleum-free”, etc. Better yet, look for products that contain only ingredients that are plant based.

You can find healthy and natural alternatives, although it isn’t always easy. There are lots of great links on our Organic Eden website, shown below. Look for the Natural Home and Personal Care tabs at the top of the home page for information, tips and links to all natural and safe products, where we’ve already done the research for you.

Be safe and healthy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Ugly Side of Shampoos

Typical store bought Shampoos are filled with harsh detergents, chemicals, and can actually harm your hair, but you already knew that....... What you may not know is that in lab test they have liked some cancers to some of the chemicals found in todays OTC Shampoos most commonly found in all of our bathrooms!

Here are some links to what they have found, in what they found it, and what kind of harm these chemicals can and are doing to us:

This article is short and really hit a cord with me, knowing that these chemicals are being used on the most precious and inocent of us all, OUR KIDS!

SavvySkin offers information on ingredients to avoid in your Shampoo.... They offer a good comprehensive list of ingredients to stay clear from, and how you should care for your hair.

Please take a little time and check out these articles. They do contain valuable information about Shampoos, how they affect us, and what to look out for on your next trip to the store!

In an already chemical laden world, why would you want these cancer causing carcinogens on your body, or better yet, in your home?

Monday, February 8, 2010

You can have Natural Shower Gels too!


Handmade shower gels, shampoos, bubble baths and other liquid soaps can be made without detergents, SLS's, or Surfactants.

I make handmade shower gels, from scratch.... The process is a long one and can be tedious at times, however I wouldn't give it up for the world! I love creating soaps, shower gels, and shampoos for my family simply because I know exactly what goes into them...... PURE SOAP! Nothing more nothing less!

Lets face it folks our skin is the largest living organ in/on our bodies, our skin is expossed on a daily basis to the harsh extremes on daily life. Be it daily stress, bad diet, or just the daily polutants that is in our environment, our skin is our first defense at protecting our internal organs. So why would you use more chemicals if you have a truly skin soothing alternative?????


Some soapmakers use premade basis for their shower gels and liquid soaps. You, the customer, has no idea what is truly natural and what is a harmful chemical...... That is the soapmakers job, to inform you of a true soap cleanser that is free from the many chemicals that are common in todays shower gel luxuries.

LOVE UR LOCKS Natural Shampoo 12oz & 4oz Sample or travel size(

Check out our shampoos, and some of our other shower gels (from our previous shop: Our ingredients are always written so you know exactly what is in your skin care product.... WHY????? BECAUSE YOUR SKIN IS THE LARGEST ORGAN IN/ON YOUR BODY, and you need to care for it too!

You can find my handmade products here: