Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Review: 'A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients' by Ruth Winter, M.S.

BOOK REVIEW PURPOSE: To give consumer the much needed information about the products they are using on their skin. (informative, educational)

                                                                      Ruth Winters, M.S.

First off I will say this book was put together very well, the ease of use is mystifying to me, and the information is astounding..... Now that I have said that, you must first off realize that this is my field of interest, so this may not be your take on a book like this. Now with that said, if you are in the least bit interested in the ingredients you cannot pronounce, much yet spell, or say for that matter, then this book is something you might want to pick up. NO, it's not going to explain to you how to read those sentence long words that are so common on cosmetic labels. What this book will however do for you is, allow you to become a more conscous consumer.

Listen, I know for myself that I am my own line of defense when it comes to wanting to use less harmful chemicals on my body, my childrens bodies, and my families bodies. I literally carry this book in my purse when I go out to the store, because I like to naturally gravitate towards the make-up section. I am a label reader, this in itself does make me more aware of what I am putting into or on my body, but lets face it those mile long words and abbreviations, well, no wonder nobody knows what to use and what not too, YOU CAN'T READ THE LABELS! That is why I carry this book around with me, yeah it's kind of bulky (but I got a big purse! hahahhahahaha). When something catches my eye on the self in the cosmetic aisle, I turn it over and begin to read the ingredients (When ingredients are listed on labeling they are suppose to list ingredients in order from most to least), when I come across one I can't read, or they are letters and numbers that I don't recognize, I simply open up this book (it's in alphabetical order, even abbreviations) and I can find out what it is, why it's used, chemical make up of the ingredient, and side affects of that ingredient.
I can also find out if it's natural or a chemical!

Everything in this book is in alphabetical order, is easy to find what your looking for, the information within some of the common products we each buy daily are astoundingly harsh on our skin. This book is meant to be used to inform, and that it did!

My eyes are now open!

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